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Our Services

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Customizable Workshops

Training your team to Dominate every Pitch & Presentation

We provide tailored workshops meticulously structured to meet your team's specific needs. Whether you opt for our standard curriculum or choose to customize it, each session is designed to enhance your team's communication skills. Our workshops cover vocal health and wellness, voice modulation, speech pacing and intonation, non-verbal communication including body language, and other essential elements for impactful communication.

  • Suitable for 10-15 Participants

  • Breath Control, Mindfulness, and Posture Alignment

  • Techniques for Laryngeal Stretching to Enhance Vocal Agility

  • Insights into Vocal Health and Hygiene Practices

  • Long-Term Voice Care Strategies Through Vocal Exercises

  • Harnessing Vocal Resonance for Authoritative Communication Without Conveying Authoritarianism

  • Mastering Communication to Your Target Audience: Utilizing Body Language and Inflection

  • Grande Rounds for Application of Strategies in Individual Practice


One on One Vocal Coaching

Taking your voice from Functional to Optimal 

Our comprehensive voice coaching services are designed to unleash your full potential as a professional communicator. Through personalized analysis, we pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement, paving the way for tailored strategies. From bolstering vocal power and endurance to refining tone and expression, we ensure your voice resonates with authenticity and impact. Our programs also focus on sharpening articulation and diction, equipping you with the clarity and precision needed to captivate any audience. With specialized techniques for engaging and persuasive communication, we empower you to command attention and drive your message home effectively. Moreover, our tailored programs address accent modification, ensuring your pronunciation and intonation align with your professional goals. We prioritize your vocal health, providing essential strategies to prevent fatigue and injury, allowing you to consistently deliver your best performance. Whether you're a speaker, actor, or vocal artist, our coaching encompasses character development and performance techniques, elevating your presence and leaving a lasting impression.

One on One Gender Affirming Voice Care

Guiding you toward your Authentic Sound

Our comprehensive evaluation of your current voice and the identification your desired goals form the foundational steps in aligning voice with gender identity. This process involves a range of techniques, including modulation of pitch, resonance, tone, intonation, and speech patterns. Breath and vocal control exercises are crucial in refining these elements. Furthermore, attention to non-verbal communication skills enhances overall communication efficacy. Creating a supportive and inclusive environment, often described as a brave space, fosters exploration and expression without judgment. Ongoing guidance and adaptation of training are essential to meet evolving needs throughout this transformative journey.


Presentations - Vocal Hygiene and Wellness

Professional Development - Scientific Based Voice Education you can Rely On!

Embark on a journey into voice education, exploring vocal anatomy, hygiene, and longevity. In this hour long training, earn practical exercises to enhance your voice and alternative support methods for optimal performance. Discover the art of communication, utilizing posture, gesture, speech rate, and intonation to amplify your message with precision. Gain invaluable tools and insights to become a masterful communicator, poised for success in any endeavor.

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