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"Our high school son who actively participates in choral singing and theater was having difficulty with his singing voice but we weren’t exactly sure what it was. After getting a laryngoscope to rule out any abnormalities or injuries we went to Sara from “On Your Voice” for some vocal therapy. He was very concerned about what had happened, was uncomfortable singing and was not utilizing his full vocal range. After just one session he was encouraged that this was something he could improve through therapy, training and lifestyle modifications to care for his instrument. Sara provided him with not only short term interventions and exercises but also long term strategies for him to implement. He met with Sara for 5 teletherapy sessions  which, as a parent, was helpful to not have to drive him and wait for the session. With Covid restrictions our son was burned out from virtual learning and quite skeptical about the online aspect of vocal therapy.  Sara made the sessions engaging and extremely effective for him to receive the necessary therapy without any hindrances or barriers in the virtual setting. He could sit in his own comfortable space while receiving his therapy and then continue on with his day.  We highly recommend her expertise, energetic personality and experience to any vocalists who want to care for their voice at any stage in their career."

~Kimberly Brown, Parent of a High School Junior

I came to Sara and On Your Voice through the recommendation of a colleague who had also had success with her methods. I was losing my voice frequently, and although I am also seeing a doctor, some voice we did (virtually), she was able to zero in on a few key exercises that she thought would be useful. I began with stretching and some specific vocal warmups, and I immediately saw a difference. A few short sessions made an impressive change in my stamina. I have not fully lost my voice since I began working with her. I am particularly appreciative of the way that she explains the function of the exercises but is also very aware of what feels productive from your own practices. Sara is professional, easy to work with, and will help you get clear results in a short time. 

~Bess, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Theatre

Villanova University

We love On Your Voice! My 4 year old was struggling with some articulation issues and while we waited many months to get started with services through the county and school system, we were able to start right away with On Your Voice. Julie, our speech therapist, was incredibly kind, engaging, and made speech therapy a positive, fun experience for my young son. We saw improvements in his articulation of many letter sounds and our son always felt motivated and encouraged to keep trying. We are so grateful to On Your Voice for such a wonderful experience and would use them again in a heartbeat!

- Aubrey, Mom of a 4 year old client 

"As a teacher and theatre artist, I wanted to learn how to use my own instrument better and also be more effective when coaching students in my performance classes.  Sara expanded my knowledge of voice production enormously, and provided a wide array of exercises to reduce tension and fatigue, develop resonance, expand my range, and maintain good overall vocal health.  Her expertise and methodical approach, balanced by her positive, encouraging demeanor, made our sessions as enjoyable as they were beneficial."

                                             ~ Michael Hollinger, Professor of Theatre and Studio Art

Villanova University

"I so want to thank [Sara] for [her] work as my voice therapist.  I am amazed at how easy it was to work with [her] on the Zoom platform.  I can't imagine that being in person would have been any better.  I felt like [she was] here with me.  

My voice is so improved.  Of course, I had to be diligent in doing the several voice exercises [she] gave me for homework, but having [her] coach me during our regular sessions made me want to do them to show [her] what a good student I am.  [She was] encouraging, capable and I felt completely confident with [her] abilities.  I hope I have the opportunity to refer patients [to her]. Thank you."

~Ellen S. Fischer, Esquire

Litigator/Mediator/Collaborative Attorney

“I began searching for help in improving my speaking voice.  I just wasn’t happy with how I sounded.  Prior to my first therapy session, I was apprehensive, a bit skeptical and had no idea what to expect.  By the end of that session my fears and skepticism had disappeared” “[Throughout therapy] I was given regular feedback, support and praise.  I was able to double the frequency of my high notes, gained breath control and showed other improvements in the quality of my voice.  I would recommend to anyone seeking a path to improve the quality of his or her voice (and who is willing to work at it).”


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